Az. Agr. Babbo Elio

3 Jars Honeys Box (1Acacia+1Wildflower+1Chestnut) - 500g per Jar



Description (Acacia Honey)

A jar full of genuine and wholesome honey – a spoonful is enough to taste all the flavours of the forest! Babbo Elio’s acacia honey is ready to win you over with its delicate and smooth flavour. Its sugary, flowery taste and its syrupy and inviting consistency appeal to everyone. Acacia honey, a true natural concentrate of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, will be your faithful ally in fighting off seasonal sore throats and lulls in energy. If, on the other hand, you are craving sweetness, take advantage of its high fructose content to replace sugar in hot and sweet drinks.

Description (Wildflower Honey)

Thanks to Alberto Goldoni, the founder of the company, several varieties of honey has been added to the range of Babbo Elio’s products. His passion for beekeeping and his care for the beehives hosted on the farm produce a honey that is local, genuine and made with love. The wildflower honey couldn’t be missing among this range, as it suits everyone, from children to adults. It originates from different plants, leading to ever-changing nectar concentrations and to an explosion of always new flavours and aromas. With its sweet taste, it can accompany us from breakfast to dinner. It is perfect to be enjoyed pure on a crunchy slice of bread, to sweeten a hot afternoon tea or to enrich a fine cheese bo

Description (Chestnut Honey)

Babbo Elio’s products can satisfy even the most demanding palates. We recommend chestnut honey to those who want to savour a natural product that is full of character and has an intense amber colour but is less sugary than most honeys. A spread with a bitter taste and a characteristic pungent odour, which can satisfy even the most strict connoisseurs with its intoxicating aromas. On the most refined tables, chestnut honey cannot be missing, if you want to match well-being and taste. Its bitterish flavour can accentuate contrasts and add a touch of originality to dishes. Try it in combination with mature cheeses, ricotta or meat.


The personal and unmistakable style of Alfred Basha, an illustrator who mixes realistic drawing with unexpected elements, is the protagonist of the labels of the Babbo Elio’s honey and pollen range. A large bear – honey lover par excellence – is gradually transformed into a lively hive of bees, reflecting the artist’s style, who creates visual illusions by mixing animal and plant elements.


3 jars of 500g

3 Jars Honeys Box (1Acacia+1Wildflower+1Chestnut) - 500g per Jar