"A long, narrow roadway stretches across the generous Emilian hillsides, home to the Lambrusco and Pignoletto vineyards.

There you feel the need to stop your feet, your pedals or your tyres, turning your nose up at the scents of the grape harvest and opening your eyes to the colours of the season. Just beyond the green corridors, there is a sound of popping corks, of glasses rapidly emptied, of songs and laughter stacking up like plates, of hangovers cured by looking at the sky. It is a trail of sounds as sweet as honey, as caressing as a sip of wine: those who follow it will arrive at a farmstead around which the atmosphere ferments like good vinegar. On the threshold there is a gentleman with a thick beard. At his side a woman with kind eyes that invite you to stay. One more step and you’ll join the party. One more taste and you’ll part of the family."

Babbo Elio is an Emilian family farm, which has set up an online food and wine shop.

It was born out of a desire as strong as a father’s shoulders, as deep as the wisdom of a grandmother, as industrious as a mother’s hands, as original as the ideas of a young granddaughter, who wishes to share good things just as we do with friends. To those stopping by she offers delicacies produced and packaged in full respect of natural resources and rhythms. It is the best harvest of a land that, for those who have been living and working here for generations, is much more than an open book: it is a generational recipe book handed down from house to house, from person to person, to the farthest corners of the world. Wherever our aged products, mum’s honeys, dad’s remedies, sparkling wines and traditional condiments arrive, a little bit of our family is also shared.