Welcome To Babbo Elio

The food and wine shop in Modena

Welcome To Babbo Elio

The locally grown food farm

Welcome To Babbo Elio

The Emilian family farm

Small Quantities

Do less to do it better: Babbo Elio’s products are handcrafted, made in small batches, according to old local recipes.

A Sustainable Business

We only have one home, therefore it is essential to take care of it. Babbo Elio knows it and uses less than 0.2% plastic for its products.

Company Outlet

With its company outlet in Modena Babbo Elio reduces its carbon footprint and allows customers to collect products on site.

An Idyllic Enterprise

The Babbo Elio farm is located among the rolling hills of Solignano in Castelvetro (Modena), the generous homeland of many excellent produce.

A Family-Run Business

Babbo Elio spans across generations, from grandfather to granddaughter: a company that unites the whole family in the name of authenticity.

Local Produce

Emilian culinary art is embodied in Babbo Elio’s products, most of which are locally sourced, handcrafted and prepared according to tradition.

“A long, narrow roadway stretches across the generous Emilian hillsides, home to the Lambrusco and Pignoletto vineyards.

There you feel the need to stop your feet, your pedals or your tyres, turning your nose up at the scents of the grape harvest and opening your eyes to the colours of the season.”

Your Reviews

I bought the green sauce and the red farmer’s sauce and they are both really good! Perfect with meat or simply on a nice bruschetta.

Frances b.

I bought the reserve vinegar and was pleasantly surprised. Excellent value for money! I consider it an ideal product as a condiment for salads and much more.

Alexander A.

The wine was exquisite! I bought a carton of it and surprised everyone with an excellent Modenesi Spritz. Ideal to drink with a meal. Great product, I will definitely take more!

Natalia P.